Back to KDP Select

You may recall that a couple months ago, I pulled Entropy out of KDP Select. These were my reasons:

  1. Being able to run $0.99 sales at a full 70% royalty resulted in negligible additional royalties.
  2. My Kindle Unlimited reads had dropped to zero in October, 2016.
  3. One would expect that having the book on iBooks, Kobo, and B&N would bring new sales.
  4. I thought BookBub might be willing to feature me if I wasn’t exclusive to Amazon.

Duality comes off its exclusive with Amazon in a couple days. I was planning to take it off KDP Select at that time and put it onto the other stores as well. But let’s sanity check that idea: In the last two and a half months, I’ve had not one sale on any store other than Amazon; BookBub rejected me again, despite being in a bunch of other stores. So the main two reasons I had for dropping off KDP Select are not good reasons.

In related news, you may recall that I cranked the list price of my print editions so that I could distribute through stores other than Amazon. Well guess what? That didn’t work either. I haven’t sold a single print copy through any store other than Amazon since I did that.

So what I’m starting to think is that my original strategy of all Amazon all the time was the right strategy. I’ll leave my teasers Attractions and Regrets out there on those other stores, because why not? But for my novels, I think I’m going back to KDP Select.

The next novel in the Entropy series should be coming out in March, and I think I’m going back to my original print price ($12.99) for all three books and I’ll have all three books in KDP Select so Kindle Unlimited readers can catch up on the first two books.

Anyone want to try to talk me out of it?