Gravity Title, Cover, and Blurb Reveal!

You might be aware that I’ve been working on the third novel in the Entropy series. Entropy was supposed to be a standalone novel. But my readers complained that I left it on too much of a cliffhanger (I totally didn’t). I finally gave in and wrote Duality. That was definitely the end of things. Nowhere to go from there.

Then NaNoWriMo rolled around and all the authors on Twitter were writing about writing. And I started to get the itch to maybe do something. Not write a novel in a month. That’s bonkers. But to maybe work on a new novel. I talked to a bunch of my writer friends about what I should do, but I wasn’t making any progress. That’s when my buddy Vania piped up and said I was blocked thinking of something to write about because the Lisa & Sir story wasn’t finished. I had to write another in the series. Vania is the absolute worst. Because she was right, of course.

And so I went ahead and wrote another novel. I used the same process I used for the first two, which is a sure-fire way to get a novel done in about 100 days. (You write 1% of it a day. You can do the rest of the math yourself, I guess.) I finished it this past weekend, and it is in the hands of my beta readers now.

If you look at the first two titles (Entropy and Duality) you will notice they are both from the Jeopardy! category 7 letter science words ending in y. So obviously, I had to choose another one of those for this book. I wrote a program that generated the list of 1,367 words ending in y with 7 letters. Then I wrote another program to sort them alphabetically backward (ending in ay, by, cy, etc.). That made it easier to scan the list, and I culled it to this list of 20 words that fit the bill:

fallacy primacy cogency urgency prosody synergy theurgy alchemy destiny euphony harmony mystery roguery rivalry fantasy ecstasy impiety satiety clarity tenuity gravity ataraxy

There are some great titles in there, but only one that is a real science word. Gravity.

I figured that out shortly after I started writing, so I was able to work various references to gravity (both meanings) into the story. Here’s the blurb (I used the formula I explained here):

A chance meeting brings Sir and Lisa together after five years. But Sir is in a budding relationship and Lisa’s life is in chaos. Could a radical change in Sir’s situation finally let things work between them? Gravity is a complex and moving exploration of the turmoil older people face bringing romance and commitment back to single life.

Main points I’m getting across: we are going to try to get the band back together and they are “older” (a euphemism for mid-fifties). Nobody writes erotic romance novels around people in that decade of life, so that’s a distinguishing thing about this book.

All that’s left is the cover:

Full wrap cover

Full wrap cover

This carries a lot of design elements from my other covers, which you can look at on my Amazon author page if you like. There is a ton of symbolism going on here, as you would expect. I’ll do my best not to give away any spoilers as I explain it…

Starting on the back, we have a feather. That’s a literal reference to something said in the book, and also the falling feather is a common visual metaphor for gravity. Up front we have two pool balls. There’s another gravity reference there, as they are a little like planets. But more than that, the fact there are two is significant. Entropy had two flowers. Duality (ironically) went to a sole glass, representing how that story was more centered on Sir. Now we are back to two, as we try to get the couple reunited.

The pool balls are touching, which is a hopeful sign. And to me, it looks like the cue ball is a little bigger, dominating the 8 ball—again, representing our main protagonists. It goes without saying that billiards is a literal thing that happens in the story. And here’s one subtle thing: in the game “8 Ball” (which is what most American’s play) you sink the 8 ball last. So we have the cue ball meeting up with what we hope is the last ball it’s ever going to touch.

I’ll get the beta feedback soon, do my final edits, then get a print proof from CreateSpace and read it on paper. So it feels like we are 3-4 weeks from launch. I’ll keep you posted.