Pulling the Plug on Amazon Ads

SingularityWhen last we met our hero, he had determined Kindle lockscreen ads were garbage, automatic targeting is garbage, and targeting similar books is garbage. But doing Amazon ads targeting categories seemed to be working okay, at least in terms of getting impressions and the occasional click at a reasonable price.

I’m calling it: Amazon ads don’t work for me. At least, not for this book. They might work for my trilogy that has a lot more reviews and lives in the romance genre, but they don’t work for my new-ish financial thriller with a mere eight 5-star reviews.

I spent $25 on ads, racked up about 80,000 impressions which led to 65 clicks. That turned into 2 e-book and 1 paperback sale. Note that Amazon pretends that your ROI is the gross revenue from these sales ($23), instead of the royalty ($9). So if you look at the dashboard it appears I nearly broke even, when in reality, I didn’t come close to breaking even.

Oh well. I’m planning my next novel now, so that’s where my head will be for the next few months.