Amazon Lockscreen Ad Verdict


My new novel!

Last time we talked, I had launched some Amazon “Lockscreen Ads” to see if they might be an effective strategy for my latest novel. This one just happens to be a trendy topic with broad appeal, so I figured it’s a good candidate for the Amazon advertising machine. Alas, these ads were a complete failure.

Over the course of a month, the three ads (you can see them in this post) generated 44 clicks at 50¢ apiece, resulting in zero sales. Those 44 clicks were tied to about 16,000 impressions, which means 0.27% click-through-rate (about a quarter of the 1% CTR I’ve experienced with Twitter ads). From this we can theorize:

  • Very few people click on Kindle Lockscreen Ads
  • A lot of those clicks are probably accidental

A conversion rate of zero books from 44 clicks just doesn’t makes sense if these were intentional clicks. Other bloggers have theorized that a lot of the clicks on lockscreen ads don’t even lead to a product page because the device is offline. I don’t know if that’s true, or if those clicks get charged, but it would be consistent with my results.

So what’s next? Straight-up Amazon Ads. The creative for Amazon Ads is the same as for lockscreen ads: just a tweet’s worth of words. I’m going to use the same words I used in lockscreen ads #2 & #3 (those got more clicks than #1, but I suspect that has more to do with targeting than the words in the ad).

For one of them, I’m letting Amazon target automatically. For the other, I am targeting a couple relevant book genres and a whole bunch of individual books that talk about cryptocurrency. I’m bidding 50¢ and letting Amazon lower that bid if it wants (but I’m not letting them raise it). I’ll report back when I get some news.

4 thoughts on “Amazon Lockscreen Ad Verdict

  1. Good luck! I sunk a lot of money into Amazon Ads a couple years ago and got bupkis. Honestly, the only form of advertising I’ve ever seen work is BookBub, which works spectacularly well. I just don’t do any other kind of advertising with my self-pub work any more these days. Everything is either too sketchy (looking at you Facebook Ads) or just doesn’t yield enough impressions to be worth it.

      • I haven’t taken a shot at getting approved by BookBub in years. If you are getting featured deals through their gatekeepers, that’s awesome! I suppose I could take another shot. They had zero interest in my romance stuff.

      • It’s a grind. You just have to keep submitting every month or so, keeping your regular price as high as you can and pitching the sale price as low as you can, but NOT free. The better they think the deal is, the better your chances. In the past five years, I’ve gotten on their international featured deal newsletter twice. Both times I made money and sold a lot of books, mostly to UK and Australia and Canada. I’m trying to get onto the U.S. newsletter now, but I think that’s the tougher one.

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