The Perfect Gift for the Women in your Life!

Entropy & Duality

An actual photograph of the actual books I will be signing! No fake 3D templates here. These are 100% free range, organic, gluten free novels.

Are you trying to figure out what to get that woman who doesn’t need stuff? The one who loves to read great books that challenge her intellectually and emotionally? How about a pair of books signed by yours truly? Huh? Huh? Good, right?

I knew you’d be excited.

You can get the signed pair, including shipping anywhere in the USA, for $37. Hell, I’ll write whatever you want in there! Want my perfect martini recipe? Done! Scotch recommendation? Sure! You want a filthy poem? Can do!

Just drop 37 bucks in my paypal account and be sure to add a note with the address and any guidance on how you want it signed. Paypal gives me your email address, so I can follow up if I need any more info.

If you live outside the USA, message me on Twitter, and we can sort out how much extra the shipping is.

Trust me, and all the reviewers on Amazon, when I tell you she is going to love this present!