Best of Alfageeek: Why we Tweet

Judging from the number of views, this particular piece actually is the “best” of my blog. It came about from a discussion I was having with a twitter friend (via DM, of course). She was lamenting that people didn’t understand twitter. The common cry that unless you are in twitter, you cannot understand twitter. And that got […]

Why We Tweet

I started this blog so I would have a place to put this open letter: Why We Tweet If you use twitter, or you love someone who uses twitter, I’d like you to read it. And share it.

Why We Tweet

An open letter to twitter spouses, bosses, and family We know you don’t understand. You don’t understand why we are addicted. You don’t understand why we write such private things in such a public forum. You don’t understand why we don’t hide our identities. And because you don’t understand, you may be prone to judging […]

Using Promoted Tweets to Sell Books

I’m doing a bit of a marketing frenzy this month, in the lead-up to the launch of Duality on April 20. Since Duality is a sequel, I’m advertising my first book Entropy. The theory is that if people read the first book, they will have no choice but to buy the sequel. To that end, I’ve lowered […]

Hard Tweets Explained: Eventual Consistency

Twitter term paper: Building scalable databases via eventual consistency guarantees instead of ACID -or- Why your stars won't stick. — α geek (@alfageeek) September 1, 2014 I often read complaints that twitter is buggy, or broken, or malfunctioning in some way. And although I’ve never seen any of the twitter code, I have worked on large […]

Hard Tweets Explained: Jokes for Kids

When my oldest was just old enough to talk intelligibly, I figured out that it was ridiculously funny to teach her jokes that were challenging, even to adults. Jokes that required contextual inference that no child could perform. She didn’t understand why the jokes were funny, but she did understand that when she told them, […]

Hard Tweets Explained: Contraposition

After years of painstaking research, I have concluded that nudity is a strong leading indicator of getting some. Proven thru contraposition. — α geek (@alfageeek) September 21, 2013 Contraposition is a logic term that I’m guessing most people don’t know. Here is a simple example. Me: Did you brush your teeth? 7: Yes! Me: (checks […]

Hard Tweets Explained: No Pie for You

The opening line of your life story, if you really like pie is: 4 ∑ [(-1)ⁿ/(2n+1)] Spoiler alert, you never actually get the pie. — α geek (@alfageeek) December 23, 2013 This may be my favorite tweet I’ve ever written. If not, it’s definitely up there in the top 314. This is the second post in an […]