Terrific Report on KU Users

As you may recall, I tried going wide with my novels and that experiment failed miserably. Today I read this report, which backs up a lot of what I experienced. The authors estimate there are about 3 million people using KU. That’s a huge audience. Much bigger than I expected. There’s lots of other data here, too. Have a look:



3 thoughts on “Terrific Report on KU Users

  1. One thing I have noticed about your site is that you open links in the same window which allows users to go read something and close it and forget where they came from. I went and read for 30 minutes on the Written Word site and closed it and had to go back to my email to find this post.
    My question to you is this, was that a conscious decision? Have you gotten complaints in the past for opening new windows or is this just how you have always done it? My readership is a fraction of a fraction of yours so I like to learn from the mistakes of others where possible.

    • Opening the same window is the WordPress default when you add a link. I often don’t bother to change that when I add a link because 1) people almost never click on links and 2) lazy/forgetful. Opening a new window is definitely a better approach. Keep doing that!!

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