Attractions going “PermaFree”

Attractions - Joshua Edward SmithI’ve decided to make my short story Attractions permanently free. Or, at least, I’m going to try to do that. I did an experiment where I made it free for a little while on Amazon, and it totally failed. It didn’t convert into any sales of my novel Entropy, which is obviously my objective. So I’m making some changes and trying again.

First, I let my “KDP Select” contract with Amazon run out. That will allow me to put the book on other platforms, hopefully increasing my reach to different readers. It’s also a necessary step to making the book free.

I expanded the sample of Entropy to be the full first chapter, not just the first scene. (I also did this with the sample of Entropy in my novella Regrets.)

I’ve uploaded the book to Smashwords, and you can grab it for free there already, if you like. I now need to wait for them to review it, and hopefully they’ll decide to make it available to Apple and B&N and the other places people can buy books. If they do, then it’ll be free on those sites, and I’ll be able to get Amazon to make it free. (That’s the only way to make a book free on Amazon—make it free someplace else and ask them to price-match it.)

3 thoughts on “Attractions going “PermaFree”

  1. Nice post. Good ideas to keep in mind. If it makes you feel any better, free promotions on Amazon don’t usually do much for me, either. 😉

    • It’s fascinating to me, because making the first book of a series free is something I read again and again as a key marketing technique. I wonder if this is another one of those things where people fail to measure their marketing effectiveness, and just assume it works when in fact it doesn’t. In my case, I’m only giving away a 12 page short story. The teaser chapter is nearly that long. And so the opportunity cost is nil. I’m not ever going to make money on that short by itself anyway. Its only economic value is as a tool to find new readers.

      • Good point. I hope the new technique works out for you. I’ll be look forward to hear more about your experiences with Smashwords 🙂

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