Hey Bloggers, Please take 20 Seconds to do this Right Now

I just read a terrifying article in the NY Times about a mature blog that Google just shut down with no explanation. And it reminded me to do something that all you other bloggers need to do right now. I’ll give you the directions for WordPress, but if you are hosted on something else, I’m sure there’s a simple way to do it on whatever service you use.

  1. Go to the admin page for your blog. It’s something like:
  2. Near the bottom of the left column, there’s a section called “Tools.” Open that.
  3. Choose Export.
  4. You’ll see a free option with a button that says “Start Export.” Click that button.

That’s it. In a few seconds your browser will download an XML file that contains every word you’ve ever written.

You should do this every month. Set a calendar reminder. That XML file can be used to reconstruct your blog if anything tragic ever happens to it.


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