Loose Ends

I’ve been busy getting Entropy’s sequel ready for publication, so I’ve neglected you blog readers for a while. This is where I’m suppose to pretend to be sorry about that.

Here’s where we are: Duality (that’s the sequel’s title) has been proofread by about a dozen people, and I’ve read the paperback proof copy, and I’m pretty satisfied that this book is ready to go. So now I’m just going to make you wait, because I’m a surly old man. The launch will be on April 20, 2016. Mark your calendars!

I just finished a giveaway on librarything.com. That’s a much-less-slick GoodReads, basically. But unlike GoodReads, they let you do giveaways of e-books. So I was able to use that to get an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of Duality into the hands of 30 brand-new readers. (I also sent them Entropy, because not doing so would have been cruel; I’m surly, not cruel. Try to keep up, here.) The plan is that a lot of these people will write reviews, so I can have a lot of reviews on Amazon and other places right away when Duality is launched.

I’ve set up pages for the book on GoodReads and LibraryThing. And the Kindle edition should be ready for pre-order on Amazon soon. I’m not actually expecting pre-orders so far before launch, but I need to do that to get the URL for my other marketing stuff. I’ll start telling Twitter about the pre-order availability when we get closer.

It turns out you can’t do pre-order versions of paperbacks on Amazon. Only Kindle editions. Who knew? So those orders will have to wait until launch day. If you want to get the book on launch day, sign up to my mailing list: bit.ly/entropy-list because that’s possible. But I’m only going to tell list subscribers how to do it!

Finally, I have some loose ends about promotions that I promised to tell you about when I had the results. Here is what I have learned:

  • GoodReads giveaways produce no sales whatsoever. Not. A. Single. One.
  • I put the mailing list address in the back of the Kindle edition before I ran my $0.99 sale in December. I sold a lot of books, and not a single one of those people signed up for the mailing list. So that didn’t work.

Once the sequel is out, my promotional opportunities will open up a little. Marketing a series of books is an entirely different exercise from marketing a single novel. So stay tuned!


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