Entropy for $0.99

EntropyYou may recall that I was going to run a $0.99 sale, with the objective of getting some more readers for the sequel when it comes out. I’m in the Kindle Select program, which means they let me run these “countdown” deals every few months, where I can lower the price to just a buck, but I still get my 70% royalty (70% of the buck). So basically every 5 books I sell in this sale is equivalent to selling one book at regular price. But hopefully some of those sales will turn into repeat customers down the road when the sequel comes out.

There are a couple things I can measure to see how this works. I can see how many I sell, of course. As I’m writing this, that’s 10 books. That’s pretty good considering the sale started on Saturday, and I’m only partway into Sunday. My awareness strategy for this sale has three prongs: Twitter, free newsletter listings, and my mailing list. It’s impossible for me to track which of these are actually converting to sales, so that’s unfortunate. But I know (because they told me) that some of my followers bought because they saw the tweet I did about the sale.

My mailing list is people who have already read the book, so what I suggested to those people is that the sale is a great chance for them to convince a friend to buy the book. So far, only about half the people have opened the email, and one of them clicked the link. So the jury is still out on the effectiveness of that.

The newsletter listings are kind of a mystery. When I submitted my book to these I didn’t get signed up to all of them in the process, but I did get signed up to a bunch. And so far I haven’t seen my book listed on any of them. I have to assume it was listed in some of the ones I don’t subscribe to, though, because that’s the only way I can see getting those 10 sales I have so far. Twitter and the newsletter can’t account for them, because there aren’t enough clicks on the link, according to the analytics.

So the first lesson we can glean is that just because a newsletter “accepts” your free book promo listing, that doesn’t mean they are actually going to run your free book promo listing. That’s not a surprise—they tell you that right up front. If you want to be sure you’re going to get listed, you need to pay. The free spots are used to fill space, and I guess they don’t have much space to fill.

As I said in my first post about this promo, the real test is going to be whether the people who grab my book for $0.99 actually read it. And I can kind of measure that by seeing how many sign up for the mailing list to learn about the sequel. Those sign-ups should happen over the next couple weeks.

I’ll do a follow-up post with the final numbers. For now, if you haven’t bought my book yet, it’s a great time for you to take advantage of the $0.99 sale. Just go to mybook.to/ent before Tuesday is over.


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