Here we go again….

I’ve given up. I had no intention of writing a sequel to my novel Entropy. I didn’t know where to take the story, and I’m still not sure how I wrote the first novel. It just spilled out of me. But then I was chatting with a friend/reader and she made what she thought was a joke, but which immediately crystalized in my mind where the sequel should start. And then my mind started filling in details and back story. And then I thought, well maybe I could just write a little outline. And now I’m waking up with whole scenes in my head again.


So, I guess I’m writing a sequel to Entropy now. Sales of the first novel haven’t been all that significant, so I guess it’s a labor of love. But a lot of people who read Entropy asked me for a sequel, so I’m sure I’ll have some readers. And once I have a second book, I can do that trick where you make the first book free or super cheap, with the hopes that you hook them into the “series.”

It’s flowing pretty fast right now, but since I’m just letting it happen, I suspect it’ll take longer than two months to write this one. I know the title, premise, and some of the plot points already. How much am I supposed to hint about that? Anything? Let me know in the comments. I’ve never written a sequel before.

The stuff I know is not nearly a whole novel. I think I’ve got maybe 20% of a novel here. But if it goes like last time, the characters will take over and I’ll just let them write it for me. Or maybe they’ll stop, and then I won’t have to write  the sequel after all. It’s good to be driven by compulsion instead of goals, because that way if you stop you aren’t a failure. I should tweet that, probably.

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