My Novel Entropy is Live on Amazon

EntropyMy novel Entropy is live on Amazon! It is available as a paperback and for Kindle. I make more money on the Kindle version (as I explained in my last installment), but honestly, you should get the paperback. The experience of holding and touching and reading… it’s just that kind of a book.

My deep, sincere thanks go to everyone who encouraged me in this process, and who read my countless drafts and revisions and told me were I could shove my adverbs.

The print and Kindle versions are linked to each other on Amazon, but I generated two different short links that take you to one or the other, if you know what you want. It turns out these short links are really important, because if you go to the wrong store for your country, it just says you can’t buy the book, but it doesn’t tell you why not. How dumb is that?

Print Version:
Kindle Version:

I’ll be doing a little promotion going forward. One of my readers gave me a great idea that I think might spread the word pretty fast. I’ll blog about that next, probably. But mostly I’m relying on my readers. I need people who like my book to tell their friends about it. If that happens, I might sell a lot of books. If not, I probably won’t.

Thank you all again. It’s been a blast.

Update: Now I’m promoting it.


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