Playlist: Comes Love

Next up in the playlist is our first song from Robin McKelle. Born Robin McElhatten, she shortened her name for showbiz, but I have two tracks on the playlist from before she did that. I know that she changed her name for showbiz because one of my loyal followers here on the blog and over on Twitter actually knows Robin! I guess they grew up together.

This song is from her album Modern Antique, which is exactly what most of the playlist is: modern versions of antique songs. Here’s a very clever YouTube video someone made to go with the silly lyrics:

I can’t find anything about the origins of this song, other than it was penned in 1939 by some guy I’ve never heard of. This arrangement is heavy on big band horns, which is common in the playlist. The overall feel is Afro-Cuban, which makes it quite danceable. I found a version by Billie Holiday that is a bluesy swing, a version by Diana Krall that’s a funky shuffle, and a version by Norah Jones that’s a really slow, dirty groove. Clearly, this song works any way you want to do it.

And you can’t argue with the thesis of the piece: pretty much any problem you run into can be solved, except for love. Ain’t nothing you can do about love.


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