Best of Alfageeek: The Writer’s Imperative

I woke up at my usual time this morning and realized that once again, I had completely forgotten to write a piece for this blog. I’ve been keeping a strict Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7am pace since February. That’s over 100 blog posts. That’s a lot. This summer, I added “Best of” into the rotation, as an out for the times when I just didn’t have time to write 1000 words. And I’ve been leaning on that crutch for quite a while now.

So as I was walking the dog this morning, I was working over in my head whether it’s time to end the three-posts-a-week thing. It’s not like I’m really trying to build a readership. I have exactly the readership I want. So maybe it’s time to just drop the schedule and write when I feel like it.

But I’ve always been the type who writes on deadline. The schedule is the reason I’ve been able to generate so much content here. Perhaps if I drop the schedule, that really means I’ll stop writing altogether.

I’m not sure what to do. But all this reminds me of a piece I wrote that hasn’t been a Best of yet: The Writer’s Imperative. Enjoy.

One thought on “Best of Alfageeek: The Writer’s Imperative

  1. I have been a slave to my own interior schedule too and find that blog writing Monday and Thursday works for me. I used to write 3 days a week in Morocco, but reduced it down after a grueling struggle with myself. This now works for me 🙂

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