Love is Anesthesia

We all have pain
Pain from the past
Pain from the present
Internal pain

And sometimes we need to deal with the pain
Root out the cause
Fix it

But sometimes you can’t

Sometimes it is what it is
You are doing your best
But the pain is just going to be there

Maybe the fix is worse than the pain

And when that is the case
You can use love as anesthesia

Just losing yourself in love
Feeling it throughout
Reveling in it

When all you feel is love
It is impossible to feel pain
The two feelings are incompatible
And love will always dominate

The love comes from within you
Like endorphins, you can conjure the anesthesia on your own
But if you can be bathed in the love of another
That is like a double dose

But the problem with anesthesia
Is it isn’t a fix
And you must not forget that
Because the love is what keeps the pain at bay

It isn’t a fix
But perhaps it can be a solution
Because feeling love
Losing yourself in love
Reveling in love

That’s always something you can do


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