Best of Alfageeek: Geekpolitik

The American Academy of Pediatrics has declared that schools need to start later. You can read an article here. My poor daughter is going into seventh grade, which means she will be going to the middle school for the first time (elementary is K-6 here), and that means her school starts at 7:15am. Which means getting on a bus at 6:15, which means getting up at 5:30. That is simply too early! Researchers have known this for years, and now yet another professional organization is adding its voice to the fray.

So I’ve decided I’m going to start making some noise. I’m sure it’s too late to do anything about the schedule this year. But next year they could absolutely fix this mess. In our regional district, they simply need to start middle/high school two hours later, and start the elementary a half-hour earlier, and there should be no transportation cost impact at all.

I know, you are thinking “Good luck.” But I have some experience in these matters. And you can read about that in today’s best-of, Geekpolitik.


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