Playlist: The Naughty Bits

Over the past month I’ve been exploring a playlist that I put together for a charity gig a couple years ago. These are the songs that played during dinner, and when the band took a break between sets. The audience is exactly what you would expect at a library fundraiser—mostly old people. So when I was choosing the songs, I had a penchant for picking ones that, if they could actually hear them, the audience would be scandalized by. We jazz musicians like to play little jokes like that.

We already covered one of these songs, in which a Canadian teenager sang about her vagina. That one was kind of subtle, I’ll admit. The next two songs we will explore are far less so. They come from Annie Sellick, who we already met singing the bejeezus out of an old mafia novelty song. The first naughty song is about wanting a man who can cum more than once, apparently:

2. Do It Again (4:33)

This is the first time I haven’t been able to find a youtube link to a playlist song. So I hope that link works for you. There is also a sample on the Street of Dreams page at iTunes.

I particularly like the part of the song where she and the bass are singing exactly the same notes. It reminds me a little of what George Benson used to do with his guitar. Or maybe one of those Lambert, Hendricks & Ross songs where they sing words to a bebop solo.

The other song is exploring the difference between men who know how to make a woman cum, and those who do not:

6. Some Cats Know (4:26)

Same deal with this link. Same album and everything.

Again, there is a lot of singing with just the bass, which is something you may notice I’m partial to as you go through the playlist.

Here is a short sample of the lyrics:

some cats know
how to stir up feeling
they keep foolin’ around
till they’re half way through the ceiling
some cats know
how to keep your honey flowin’
but if a cat don’t know
a cat don’t know

Unlike the Canadian teenager song, this one really doesn’t need any explanation.

This particular song inspired a tweet, and I’ll end with that:

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