Best of Alfageeek: Two-Five-One

I was chatting is a newish friend on twitter, and she made a Miles Davis joke. And then said, “I bet you don’t know who that is.” And when I showed her that there are 80 Miles tracks on my iPod, she challenged me to guess her favorite. Which I did, of course. My first guess was “Joshua” because that should be everyone’s favorite. And my second guess was “So What,” which I’ve written about before. It was the latter.

She clearly had not been reading my blog. So I pointed her at the Music tag, and that led me to re-read the post  Two-Five-One. And you know what, I think it holds up. It’s a challenging piece, because there’s music theory in there. But I think I kept it simple enough. So that’s today’s pick for my best of. Plus, it has a video where you can almost kind of see me. So that’s fun.


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