Best of Alfageeek: Clean your Room

My 8-year-old’s room is clean. It has been clean for nearly a week. It’s unsettling. It’s probably no coincidence that a week ago she got her hands on an iPod Touch after nearly a year of not having access to one (there are not one, but two iPod Touch’s that have disappeared somewhere in our house, most likely in her room). So she has been obsessed with playing Minecraft with her siblings, and clicking cookies (don’t ask me, I have no idea), and having long FaceTime chats with her 8-year-old BFF. So she is simply too busy to mess up her room, I’m guessing.

Anyway, back around Mother’s Day, she and I spent some hours cleaning her room, and I wrote about it. My editor picked that story as today’s best-of, so go read it. You wouldn’t want to defy my editor. Trust me.


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