Best of Alfageeek: Lifetime Muse

Today is the 14th anniversary of the first email I ever sent my wife. I have it. It’s fairly mundane, but I’m pretty adorable in it. It’s not the first communication I had with her. I don’t have a record of that, because it was a DM kind of thing on a dating site. So this is the anniversary of our first communication using protocols like SMTP and POP3. The next minor anniversary I have coming up is the first time I saw her in person. I can still see her. On the sidewalk, Waltham, MA. July 23, 2000. 5pm. 78°. Sunglasses. White sweater. Blue jeans? Not sure, I was focused on her face.

Anyway, if musings about how much I adore my wife is something you want more of, read My Lifetime Muse, which I’ve linked here for your convenience.


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