Best of Alfageeek: 1001 Nights

Today I’m pointing you to the first thing I posted after the “Why we Tweet” post. I have a few twitter friends who love to have me explain my obscure tweets to them. My editor, who you already met, and another lovely young woman who happens to be one of those really huge accounts, so you all follow her and she follows you. And one more, who isn’t quite such a huge account, but maybe you follow her, too. I noticed that I was explaining the same thing several times to several people. And it was starting to bug me.

And then I remembered that I had set up a blog in order to have a place to put my “Why we Tweet” letter. So I decided to go ahead and post one of my explanations. As you will see, when you read Hard Tweets Explained: 1001 Nights, it’s obvious why I didn’t want to have to type that more than once in little 140 character DM messages.



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