Best of Alfageeek: Minions, Batman, and Love

I have an editor for this blog. This wonderful woman—an English teacher, no less—reads my posts and fixes all my unbearably quirky grammar ticks. Mostly, she, deletes, unnecessary, commas. Other than commacide, her primary editing function is giving me useful advice like “funny it up.” She is also my sounding board for ideas about what I should write.

It was during one of those sounding board sessions that we hit upon the idea of writing a “Noir” piece. Something in the voice of a 1940’s crime story. As it happened, I had a perfect true life mystery I was puzzling out at the time, and that led to part one: The Case of the Minion Accounts.

And then, after a while, the mystery actually got solved, which led to part two: The Minion King.

Go read those. I’ll wait.

doo de doo de doo de doo, thrum thrum thrum, yawn

Back? Great. So there is an epilogue! A lovely young tweeter called @protolalia read my stories, and was intrigued by The Minion King. She sought him out. Started a conversation. Which turned into a love affair. Which turned into love.

She is going to move across the country to live with him. She says he is a kind, gentle, purely good human being. And I think that’s just wonderful.

For some reason that reminds me of this old tweet of mine…


6 thoughts on “Best of Alfageeek: Minions, Batman, and Love

  1. Close to twenty years ago, I played a graphically-enhanced but still 8-bit MUD called “The Shadow of Yserbius”, originally on Sierra On-Line. It gained popularity on The Sierra Network, which became INN (The ImagiNation Network), and later on AOL. I was a witty raconteur who enjoyed the Lobby more than the game. I gained the attention of a popular RPer and we began a phone relationship, during the days of long-distance charges, when such commitment often strained the phone bill. But in time, her attentions turned to a guy who pursued a similar multi-avatar attack on our little community. I’m no good at juggling multiple identities. My own is fairly fractured in reality, but I don’t excel at either dis-ingenuity or duplicity in either realm. She attributed to this person all-but mystical powers, and I was saddened to lose her affections.

    But now, all these years later, they have a kid together and a very happy life. I still don’t understand it all, but I’m happy when people who “get” each other get to keep each other.

  2. I’m envious that somebody else plays ‘clean up on paragraph every fucking sentence inside it’, for you. I need that, desperately! What a setup that must feel. I’d could prolly achieve orgasm to the idea of an editor faster than I can sleeping with a supermodel. Pretty normal stuff.

    • I am a lucky, lucky, lucky man. (She’s actually been giving me shit the past couple weeks because I’ve been doing these lame best-of’s and poems, and she has nothing to edit.)

  3. This is awesome. I was following the developing mystery as it developed, and I know (of) all the key players, including the latest key player(ette). Fascinating!

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