He stood knocking at the door
It was locked
He knew she was inside
He could sense her in there

He tried to pick the lock
He tried to break the door down
The door was open before
He remembered when the door was open

He tried to learn his way in
He studied lock picking
He studied carpentry
He studied architecture

He pleaded with her to open the door
He reasoned with her
He wrote her letters, and slipped them under
She wrote letters back, denying the door was even there

For years, he banged on the door
He banged until his knuckles bled
He scratched at the door until his fingernails were gone
He collapsed at the door and wept

And as he sat there, weeping, he saw it
He saw a key
It was hidden very well
Almost impossible to find

He picked up the key
Terrified that it might not fit
Terrified that it might fit
Unsure whether she was even there anymore

He tried the key
It fit
It caught
It turned.

10 thoughts on “(un)locked

    • Thank you so much for this comment, and for the reblog as well. I really appreciate your feedback. Particularly when it is positive. OK, only when it is positive. 🙂

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