Impossible to Disentwine

Imagine a fine chain
It fell into a drawer
It became tangled
Impossible to disentwine
A solid ball of chain

When my love was new, it was a fine chain
A long string made of tiny loops
Loops of emotion
Desire wonder adoration curiosity lust respect trust awe tenderness playfulness humor pride validation longing eagerness satisfaction

But now that chain is tangled
It has become impossible to tell where one emotion ends and the next begins
Is that longing or trust?
Is that curiosity or lust?
Does it even matter?
It is all one love

When it was new, it was fragile
Break one loop, like trust, and it was ruined
Break another, like validation, and a whole section would fall away
And had it stayed untangled, a loop like awe or wonder might have rusted
The chain could fall apart without anyone ever noticing
From simple neglect

But it didn’t stay untangled
And so now it is impervious
Break a link and nothing happens
The one love continues on
It can no longer be broken
My love for her is a solid ball of chain

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